Thursday, January 01, 2009

April 1 comes early

President-elect Barack Obama can explode the fear among world leaders that he is a closet protectionist by making his flagship foray into international trade waters the U.S./Japan FTA...

...the recently negotiated agreement between the U.S. and South Korea sent a jolt throughout Japan similar to the shock they received over NAFTA. (Huh? I missed this "jolt" entirely. Was the NAFTA jolt as unnoticeable too?)

...if she [Japan] wants to compete with China for political and economic influence, she will encourage the creation of "Amerippon." Oh. My. God. This is why folks should just say "no" to drugs. will take political leadership in Washington for the Japanese to create the political will to overcome their obstacles. On second thought, maybe mind-altering substances could actually help university professors who were once diplomats and who now write Op-Ed pieces. Or at least do a little bit more research.

The Free Trade Agreement with Japan can serve our economic, military, diplomatic and core values in one fell swoop. Full article here at the Washington Times. (Originally written for The Onion?)

I must be missing something here. Need more time off.

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