Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Perhaps now they can wash their hands

before handling food---even at the Denenchofu McDs.

- McDonald's Japan, the nation's biggest fast-food chain, said on Tuesday it would begin paying overtime to managers of its outlets from August...

...Hiroshi Takano said he had worked 60 to 80 hours of overtime per month but was not allowed to claim for it after he was promoted to store manager despite having little discretion in setting his work hours, according to media reports....

I thought Japanese did not sue, how could this be? McDs Japan is nearly half-owned by the McDonalds Corp according to the article. However, they take no responsibility for McDs Japan.

Oh, I am still awaiting a reply from my complaints to McDs. I think I shall be waiting until hell freezes over.

Full article here while it lasts.

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