Monday, September 10, 2007

Idiot parents?

No surprise at all:

"She looked, I'd say, in her mid-20s," recalls a cabin attendant of a certain passenger on a Guam-bound flight. "She had her baby with her, and from the moment the plane took off she was totally absorbed in doing her makeup." Her privilege, of course — but "suddenly," the attendant continues, "she got up and began stowing the infant into the overhead luggage bin. 'He's in the way,' she said."

...8-month-old and his parents just back from Bali. An airport health inspection found the baby to have a 39-degree temperature.

"Yes," the mother reportedly said, "he was ill when we left, but we went anyway because otherwise we'd have had to pay a cancellation fee." (This last one may have been a Berlitz IS whom I once knew.)
From The Japan Times Online.

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