Monday, October 09, 2006

North Korea sets off its first nuke

I guess by now, nobody is surprised. It has been all over the news on Japanese TV since it occurred around 1130AM Japan time. Abe was in Seoul after leaving China and declaring with President Hu of China that they would strongly oppose North Korea's planned testing of a nuclear device. Kim Jung Il showed how much respect he had for their---and any other world leader's---opinion. None.

I guess Abe will have his leadership quickly tested. Let's hope he doesn't pull a Bush and invade say, Bangladesh. I was surprised that Abe was able to restart Japan's relationship with China so quickly. Perhaps it is because, as many have said, the bar was so low after Koizumi's part in damaging the relationship. In a press conference tonight, he mentioned going to the UN Security Council and insisting on more sanctions---for all the good they would do---and placing more restrictions on North Korean visitors to Japan. South Korea's president has even suggested that perhaps the South Korea emphasis on talking and talking and talking (Sunshine Policy) with Kim Jung Il is becoming a questionable policy.

The big question is: Will the US send Jimmy Carter to North Korea again to kiss Kim Jung Il?

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