Friday, June 16, 2006

Japanese Diplomacy

You don't see a lot about Japan being a leader in any diplomatic arena. It usually sits backs and catches crumbs off the US or a few other countries' efforts.

However, when it comes to money-making, Japan can be quite aggressive. It has also been a leader in trying to get the ban on commercial whale hunting removed. Japan says eating whale is traditional in Japan, and others say it isn't. Don't know which is true, except that it is not common; it is expensive; and few actually eat it. Contrary to what the Washington Post says, it ain't generally sold in fast food restaurants here.

However, it looks as if Japan will succeed in reinstating whale hunting (they already kill several hundred per year anyway) via money diplomacy which Japan is famous for. I have no idea whether or not the reintroduction of controlled hunting is a good idea or not. From what I have read, it seems like it would be acceptable as long as countries could be trusted to abide by the limits. Unfortunately, Japan was reported to have been cheating and killing more than it reported under the loophole it had been using.

UPDATE 17 June: Japan did not succeed after all.

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