Sunday, May 28, 2006

IKEA in Chiba

We went to buy some furniture at the new IKEA in Chiba this morning. I had read a little about some in the US on the internet. One site had people saying how much they hated going because the people were rude, pushing and shoving, blocking the path, blocking the way of anyone trying to look at the furniture. Exactly the same as the one in Chiba.

I never knew it, but not only do you have to assemble the stuff yourself, you have to take it down off the shelves in what is in effect a large warehouse, put it on a cart and take it to the checkout. If you want it delivered, you then have to take it to the delivery section. Hell, you do about everything yourself, may as well get some decent wood and materials and make it yourself. Of course, in Japan, most of the wood I have seen that was suitable for furniture construction, would cost almost as much to buy as it would to buy the completed piece.

IKEA had good furniture for the price by Japanese standards, but Japanese standards on furniture tend to be exceedingly low. Sort of like late high school/early college style at absurdly ridiculous prices. Wonder where that money goes...the arcane, complex distribution system like used to be claimed?

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