Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hotel Rwanda

We watched Hotel Rwanda today. It was in an very small theater in Shibuya, Tokyo, because it was only brought to Japan at the last moment. It seems someone (in the Japanese movie theater system) decided that the Japanese wouldn't watch such a movie.

Well the theater was full and as happens here had people standing to watch it. It was not a bad movie, why, the even managed to make it sort of a happy ending. We should be happy that terrible atrocities and disasters happen occasionally, so that we can all watch entertaining movies about it.

This just reinforces how the UN is basically a joke in solving these types of problems, and how hypocritical the West is in dealing with them. We all know that the "Never again" slogan is just that.

I'll bet this will all change if Japan gets on the UN Security Council. Look how much they do already in the name of peace. Even Michael Moore, the great documentary artist and all-around genius , said something to the effect that Japan was the only country devoted to working for peace since WW2. Imagine what would have happened had they done something in Rwanda, or if they were doing something now in Dufar.

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