Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Year's Worst Movie

is the Emperor Penguin, a French film---supposedly a nature film about penguins in the Antartic. Unfortunately, although you got to see penguins migrating in a natural setting, the sound was all dubbed. Even worse, you had a simple-minded dialog which was supposedly the penguin's thoughts all the way through the film without more than a few seconds break. Who the hell wants to watch a fake, manipulated "nature" film with the natural sound replaced by idiots pretending to be penguins? This has pretty much been the uniform reaction of people I saw it with. Yet not one so-called critic---foreign or Japanese---that I have read ever mentioned this at all. However, the ceaseless chatter begins to grate on people within the first 5 minutes. What a disappointing waste of time and money.

Avoid this crap at all costs and go to a Disney film. You have people acting like animals, but at least the dialog is not something that could be written by a rather shallow 8 year old.

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