Saturday, August 14, 2004

Vote for which wonderful candidate?

Yea, wonderful was used sarcastically. I cannot vote for Bush because not only has he trashed what I thought were, at least in theory, traditional Republican stances---control of spending etc. (actually this seems to be more of a myth than policy anyway)---he sent our military into Iraq for reasons which he still cannot explain clearly and got nearly 1,000 American soldiers and many, many more Iraqis killed. Having been in the Air Force, this misuse of our military men and women angers me greatly. We will probably lose at least hundreds of more lives in the years before we can leave.

I had thought of voting for Kerry---and am still considering it. However, the more I hear from him, and his allies, the more I want to vote for Ralph Nader as a protest vote. Let's see, Hollywood actors seem to be pulling out the stops to get rid of Bush, and since Kerry happens to be the alternative, get him in office. Wow, the Hollywood candidate. Movie stars for Kerry. Not impressive. Makes me very leary of him. And I won't even mention Kerry's embrace of Michael Moore, who is the left's extremist nutcase answer to Rushy Limbaugh. (Along with Paul Krugman of the NYT).

Then this week Kerry spoke of how he wouldn't have sat for seven minutes after being told of planes hitting the Twin Towers, but would have left and....and what? His explanation for his vote authorizing Bush to decide to invade Iraq is gutless. Legislators use that excuse to duck their duty to declare war or not. This way, if it goes well, they can say they voted for it. If not, they can use the Kerry ploy to say, yea, I voted to allow the president to decide to go to war, but I didn't vote for war. Spineless crap. Now he is talking of troop withdrawals from Iraq!! So let's see, we go invade a country, cause huge damage physically, politically, and socially, then cut and run. Is that what he means? If so, then Ralph will get my vote. He has no chance to win, thank goodness, but he can keep me from puking while voting for one of the others. Oh, and Kerry trying to put on the "I am a hunter and gunowner" act fools nobody. Listen to his deer hunting story---it sounds like a joke, but he was serious. Perhaps someone should take him snipe hunting...

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