Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Rainy Season is over and

I couldn't even tell it started. Hardly any rain in the Kanto area. The Japanese are sort of notorious for believing Japan is the only country on earth with 4 seasons---you'd be shocked at how many supposedly educated people believe this. Probably think the earth is flat too. Some claim the "rainy season" is a fifth season, so Japan is the only country with 5 seasons. I suppose I could talk about West Virginia with 4 seasons plus squirrel, turkey, deer, bear, rabbit season etc. Oh, and harvest season, and planting season. Unfortunately, if I did, nobody would get the joke. Then some of the "unique country" nitwits would then say, "Japan has fewer seasons than any other place on earth."

The general rule is to ignore any statement that begins, "Japan (or the Japanese) is the only...." whether uttered by a Japanese or a foreigner. Especially by a member of the Japanapologist club.

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