Monday, June 28, 2004

Cycling "Hills" in Tokyo

One of the basic requirements for most competitive cyclists is the ability to climb well. Naturally, to train for that, one needs hills. Unfortunately, those are in very short supply in my area. So I end up finding the steepest and longest "hills" I can and climb them repeatedly at least once per week. Then, if I ever see a real hill during a ride, I will hopefully be able to climb it without embarrassing myself.

Today I spent about 45 minutes climbing 2 hills, one a short little bump of about 50 meters and maybe a 9% grade. The other was about 100 meters and lightly steeper. I would ride up one then ride down the other and go back up the opposite way. Sort of a wimpish workout even at maximum effort, but it is the best I can do in the area. At least I didn't have pedestrians and cyclists walking and running into me.

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