Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ex-PM Abe regains bowel control

"I quit 'cause I gotta sh*t" Abe returned to the Diet for the first time since his resignation. He didn't really say much of value. Perhaps he is still a bit unwell, or perhaps he has nothing to say.

One can understand his digestive disorders when one considers the pressure the right winger was under. It turns out that his statements last spring that there was no credible evidence that the Imperial Japanese Army was directly involved in forcing women to become sex slaves during WW2 were his real, honest beliefs. His later illogical attempts to back away from that claim and say that he stood by the 1993 unofficial "apology" were a result of the most evil country on earth, the enemy of all good everywhere---the United States---forcing poor innocent Abe to to do so:

The United States warned Japan in March that Washington could no longer back Tokyo on the issue of North Korea's past abductions of Japanese...The warning, delivered by U.S. Ambassador Thomas Schieffer to a senior government official, prompted Abe to change his stance and announce that he stands by Japan's 1993 official statement of apology to the "comfort women," as they are euphemistically known, the sources said. ( From JTonline here.)

Abe and Japan. Victims again. It must have been so humiliating for Shinzo and his merry band of nutjob sympathizers in the LDP to withdraw the truth and go back to living a lie about poor Imperial Japan's guilt in forced sex slavery in Asia. Obviously, this caused an upset stomach and diarrhea. Some may not understand why a case of the runs would cause the PM to resign 3 days after he said he wouldn't, but if one is full of sh*t a case of diarrhea can be a very messy affair.

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