Friday, July 13, 2007

A Quality Company in eikaiwa

Last year, just for fun I applied to an eikaiwa school online. Now we know that most of these require nothing other than one being a native speaker of English (which is not required to teach English in reality) but this shows how ridiculous many of these places are. Below is an e-mail response I received. Below Shin's e-mail expressing interest, is the information I sent on their online application form. Would you hire this applicant for anything?

Thank you very much for applying for a teaching position at XXXXXX.
My name is SHIN, the manager of XXXXXXX.

I am very sorry to be late to get back to you.

I have read your resume and have an interested in having an interview

I am going to come to TOKYO area on January 12th,the 13th(Saturday)and
14th(Sunday), if you have any available time on these days for our
interview, could you please send me back a reply for setting up our

Our office is located near xxxxxx station.
I look forward to your reply.

Best regards,


-----Original Message-----

Subject: teacher[591]

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: May 1 1974

Age: 32

Current Address:xxxx

Your Country: Canada

Your Hobby: Sleeping, girls, drinking.

Your Personality: Happy, full of laughs. Giggly and giddy. Also, very
attractive and cute

Nearest Station: XXXX

Train lines of nearest station: dENENTOSHI

University Education: Yes.

Your Recent Job and Previous Job: Nova, Berlitz, Happy Boy's Fun Palace

Why did you come to Japan?: So I could get a job teaching English.
Every since I was a kid, I---like many other educationalists dreamed of
coming to Japan and teaching English.

How long have you stayed in Japan?: 3 Years

How long will you stay in Japan?: Not decided, but as long as I can get
a gig for which I am not qualified

Do you have a working permit?: Yes

Visa status: Good

Visa period: January 2008

Level of English: Profesional

Level of Japanese: OK

Languages you can teach: English. Maybe another if I learn one

License for Teaching English: Berlitz BIT, the best there is.

Teaching experience: Berlitz as a profesional eikaiwa teacher

Do you have experiences of teaching children?: Yes

Do you want children classes?: Yes

Do you own a PC and can you link internet?: Yes

Otherwise: That too

What do you think is important to improve English skills?: Perfect grammar, You must avoid errors. Accuracy before use.

What method do you use to teach?: Sorry, I can't explain in 55 letters

What is your lifestyle?: Doing whatever comes up. At Berlitz my
schedule was
told to me, so I kind of adopted that lifestyle. Go with the flow.

What is your dream?: To become the best eikaiwa teacher in Japan.
that's why my classes focus on FUN!!!!

Notes: I must get some milk tomorrow. Also need eggs.

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